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FSC®(FSC-C117744) & SEDEX Certified

Labour Standards

We follow best practice guidance as outlined by Sedex Global. As part of this we maintain standards that correspond to those detailed, from working hours to grievances to wages and discipline.

Health & Safety

Beyond our shared sense of due care and hygiene, we comply with all health and safety standards. Including; training for emergencies, use of machinery, vehicles and hazardous materials.

The Environment

As part of our vision, we pride ourselves in saving energy and improving climate by decreasing pollution and emissions. Whilst aiming to use renewable energy sources and enabling viable sourcing options.

Business Ethics

Our final area outlined by Sedex helps us to follow the correct management systems and focus on anti-corruption policies that make sure we’re a responsible business to work with.

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Our Commitment

Align ourselves with initiatives and programs that allow us to produce first-class products whilst supporting the well-being of the environment.

Adopt industry latest technologies that enable us to provide our clients with solutions that represent value, maintain standards and deliver on deadlines.