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Seed Paper Plantable paper

Plantable seed papers in UAE

Seed Paper usage & application:

Limitless are its area of usage & can be seamlessly used instead of normal paper.
Plantable papers are used as wedding invites, folder, pencil, envelope, business cards, price tags etc.
When it comes to Print Central, seed paper invitations & business cards happen to be our Clients selection often.

hat is Seed Paper?

Seed paper is a handmade paper which has seeds embedded in them & can be used in our day to day livelihood. It is manufactured from biodegradable recycled fibres that include seeds of plants and flowers. Like any other usual paper, one can write, print, fold, cut and squash a seedpaper.

How to use Seedpaper?

Once using the paper one can plant it in a jar/bowl or pot to witness beautifully blooming plant or tree.

How to plant Seed paper?
seed paper growing infograph

Green Initiative by Print Central:

Every minute, forest equivalent to 20 soccer fields are destroyed!

Seed paper sheets based on recycled paper helps leverage individual responsibility to every user who shares the common mission of saving mother earth.
Plantable paper helps grow more plants & trees in the surrounding, helps conserve natural resources & reduces the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Importance of Going Green:

  • Reducing pollution. Conserving natural resources.
  • Recycling non-biodegradable products.
  • Contributing to the conservation of forests and wildlife.
  • Cultivating more plants and trees in vacant lands.
  • To maintain the ecological balance of earth, where living beings can survive & thrive in their natural habitat.
  • Fulfil corporate social responsibility by using green products.
  • Aligning with Dubai’s mission of being a green global hub by 2050.

Growing Seed Paper:

seed paper growing_2

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